This may not be exhaustive, but I’m exhausted.

locally-based Zoom courses in improv/comedy/sketch

Goodnights in Raleigh, NC is part of the Helium Comedy Club group, which has clubs in several cities (incl. Indianapolis, but not Chicago). online classes on sketch, stand-up, “comedy basics”, and podcasting. The Helium site has online digital events and podcasts too. Oh wow – their curated comedy section looks like a gold mine for people looking for entertainment, and this entertaining your kids article looks interesting.

Moonlight Arts & Entertainment, Raleigh – Online comedy writing class. (improv class is in-person)

Open Mind improvisation(Virtual) Improv for Life and Improvising Your Way to Better Conversations, but no classes listed after February.

The ArtsCenter (Carrboro) – offers a few online performance classes including improv and “Engage your Audience” (taught by a local improviser).

in-person only classes

Back to One studio, Raleigh – acting generally, one improv class on building characters

The Idiot Box, Greensboro NC (one online event – a comedy competition people can watch and vote on over Zoom)

probably active groups with no upcoming classes listed

The Comedy Conservatory, Cary, NC – classes for kids, teens (including precocious teens and kids), and adults, but no classes listed now. They did e-mail me and say there would be an adult long-form class this spring.

Comedy Worx, Raleigh, NC – Does mention longform improv in their class descriptions, but no classes on calendar.

Mettlesome, Durham, NC – improv comedy group

The Pit Chapel Hillweb site gives an error. This is a chain that seems to be based in NYC. Someone on Metafilter said they closed.

*** Transactors Improv, Chapel Hill (I think) – “the longest-running improvisational theater in the South”. I haven’t watched their videos yet. Asterisks because these are the main improv people I know in the area and they go back 20 years.

The Un-Intentionals, Cary, NC – improv group with some original games listed on their page that might be interesting to witness.

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