Because where else am I going to keep all my quotes

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the entire solar system is torn between two aesthetics: French and German. Virtually everything is one or the other. Blue is French, red is German. No’ is French, yes’ is German. Formal gardens are French, oceans are German. The moon is French, the sun German. Gay men are French, lesbians are German. Crows’ feet are French, pigs’ knuckles are German. Schubert on his good days is French, Berlioz is forever German. Jokes are French, the explanation of jokes is German. If French’ is to be profoundly superficial, like Impressionism, which depicts a fleeting vision of eternity, then German’ is to be superficially profound, as when Bruckner’s music digs ever deeper into one narrow hole. If you agree with all this, you’re French. If you disagree, you’re German. — Ned Rorem, in his autobiography Knowing When to Stop